Help Please, I need advice on a sticky situation? Will he understand?

In Now 2013, my last super serious relationship ended. We were together two and a half years. I left to start grad school after a 1 year. I am Canadian, he's American. We got engaged, he moved in with me and we had planned to get married that June.

In the U. S it makes sense to get married in the U. S because you can start the immigration process. So in September of 2013 right after he moved in we had a civil ceremony and I started the immigration process. Then about a month latter, he cheated on me, we broke up he moved out.

For the past year I have dated casually. But this October I met someone perfect. He's older, nice, caring, and after three months we made it offical. Here's the thing he asked me right away almost if I had kids or had been married and I said no because I don't see it like that. Also, I didn't want to drive him away.

Now I feel guilty, he thinks I am the sweetest girl in the world. and I lied. I know that you are allowed to have a past, that he doens't need to know everything. I told him that my ex and I were living together and why we broke up. I told him that I started the immigration process. But I didn't tell him I was married.

I know that IF there is a ring in the future he will find out, but he may never know.

Should I tell him? How? I really really care deeply and don't want him to run away.

Ops I mean Nov 2013... sorry for the spelling issue


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  • It wasn't your fault the marriage ended, you did nothing wrong and I think that he'll take it in consideration. You should tell the truth and explain why you didn't, your marriage just lasted 1 month and it's really nothing. Also tell him that you felt bad because you didn't tell him. I think that it's a very reasonable thing to be understood.


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  • In all honesty I don't think he needs to know unless that is going to effect your relationship. Which it won't unless that guy that cheated on you is going to pop up anytime soon.

  • I think you should tell.
    The marriage can be last without lies, it can be last with mutual honesty.


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  • You should tell him and let him know why you didn't in the first place he mat be upset but he'll understand and it may bring you both closer