Is this the truth or is he lying to me?

My bf was at a fishing tournament yesterday. It was at the lake they always fish. He didn't text me back a few times n usually he does. He told me his phone was acting up cuz his SD card said it was not in properly. I asked how that affected him texting me back n he said because he would have to shut his phone off n turn it back on cuz it said no service. Does this make sense or is he lying?


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  • If it was his sim card and not SD card it makes sense. Also fishing spots are usually rural so phone reception would usually be bad.

    • He has a Droid so maybe it could of been his Sim card? I don't know

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    • Yeah he probably means the sim card that comes with the phone. I don't get why he said something about an sd card and now no card? Either way it doesn't make a difference, I doubt texting you or not has anything to do with him cheating. If he wanted to he would find a way believe me. You just got to gain trust in him.

    • I don't think he really knew what card did what since he didn't have one. I don't know


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  • It makes sense. But either you trust him or you don't.

  • I'd say he was either actually having phone problems or he just didn't want to be bothered because it was a tournament and he wanted to focus

    dont worry about it

  • I really don't care.
    Neither should you.
    It could be so many other things.