Signs a shy girl likes you?

What are the signs a shy girl likes you?


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  • In general: When she's around you she's quiet, won't make eye contact, stares when you aren't looking, smiles a lot, giggles at pretty much everything you see, and seems uncomfortable whenever you're around. But the best way to tell is to just ask. It couldn't hurt to kindly inquire, or maybe if you have a feeling she does, instigate something, like asking her out for a coffee or something. :)


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  • She will stare at you but when you try to catch her eye she will look away and blush. She may follow you around or try to "coincidentally" be in the same place at the same time you are. She will probably giggle at all your jokes. She may fidget (i. e. twirl her hair, bounce her leg) when she is around you and not make eye contact with you.

  • OH MAN this cute guy came into my work tonight and we locked eyes when he walked in but then as soon as he was at my counter and smilin at me I got all hot and red in the face and tried to look anywhere but at him.

    And then he came back like 20 minutes later and I looked at him and my mouth was kind of open cause I was gonna say something but then I couldn't get it out and he just smiled and said "forgot something"

    That was mortifying, but maybe helps you? Cause I'm shy?

    So there's that. That's just from attraction, though. I don't know him so obviously I don't like him.

    • thats cute as fu--dunno if I can swear on this site, but you get the point

  • She is nervous, doesn't make eye contact, has a huge smile plastered on her face (my friends told me XD), acts different around you (calm and collected vs wild and crazy with friends).

  • nervousness around you.. ?

    • I mean, I don't think being nervous always means they like you.

    • either she likes you, or you're creeping her out.

    • Or they're intimidated by you. Well, look. Let's put it this way, a ton of times when people first start to get to know me, they're usually intimidated by me because I'm reserved. I won't talk much and I've been known to let my stronger emotions out. Well... I guess that can creep her or anyone out originally? But that's how I put it.

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  • No idea she's shy.