Do you believe in love at first sight? Or is it just a myth?

Has it ever happenned to you? Is it a myth?

is it possible?


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  • It's nonsensical to me. I can't love a guy I dont know. There are guys I've met and I might find him attractive, we might have chemistry, we might flirt with each other, I might blush when he smiles at me, we might have a conversation that flows naturally & we just click right away & I might feel sparks... all of this has happen before the first time I've met a guy but even then I didn't call it love. Most of those guys ended up being short lived and down the road I realize we dont click after all. some guys, u meet them and instantly there is a spark. some guys, it takes time for things to blossom. so get to know guys first before u call it love :)

    • ahh i see where your comeing from thank for your opinion :)

    • coming* thank you* lol i type fast


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  • Love needs to develop over time. You may be talking about lust at first sight. And yes, I do believe in lust at first sight.

  • No, lust at first sight yes. Love comes later as you get to know each other.


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