Does this girl being friendly, or does she have feelings for me?

I like a girl in my college class, whom I've known for about two weeks. She pays more attention to me than other people in the class, and finds reasons for us to walk together after class. She also came up to my dorm one time, because she had to get clothes to dress as a guy for a party. She recently asked me to watch on of her favorite movies with her, and I said we should totally do it. (We haven't confirmed a time yet so I'm gonna do that today or tomorrow if we have time after class.) We also have really funny and long text conversations, where she kind of seems flirty. Then again, she and I are never touchy with one another and sometimes have awkward pauses so she could just be being really friendly. Also, she has a class with me that I'm not very good at, and I doubt it makes me seem very confident. What do you guys think? Is she just being friendly?


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What Girls Said 1

  • No, she probably likes you. Although, just to make sure you should collect more information.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd say she likes you. Definitely go see that movie with her and see if you can go to the next level with her.