What is an excuse to spend the night at my boyfriends house?

I'm 19 years old and my boyfriend and I have been together for awhile. My parents are still iffy about him because he is in the military. I live at home still, so while I'm under their roof I have to obey their rules. My boyfriend wants me to spend the night at his house, not for sexual reaons but because he likes to cuddle and doesn't get to see me as much anymore because he has been busy with work. We just want a night to ourselves for once. My parents will not be cool with me staying there, but I really want to go. What excuse can I use? I really don't spend the night often at my friend's houses so I can't say I'm going to spend the night at so and so's house.

It really isn't for sex, It's just literally because we want to be able to fall asleep in each others arms for once.


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  • Looking to make up an excuse is the wrong way to go about it. And this is the reason why your parents won't let you go stay the night. If you want them to trust you all you have to do is be honest and show some responsibility. Just go over to his house but set a time that you and your parents agree on is acceptable for you to stay over. You don't have to stay all night to fall asleep in each others arms. I fall asleep on my boyfriend all the time just watching a movie. It could be a good compromise for both you and your parents. Hope everything works out, but don't lie.

    • "If you want them to trust you all you have to do is be honest and show some responsibility."

      It depends on who the are, they might still say no.

      "You don't have to stay all night to fall asleep in each others arms." That's an idea though, stay up all night and go over to his for breakfast or lunch and then have a nap together...

    • That's true. My point was that lying is never the answer, especially with parents.

      And that also sounds like a good idea.


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  • Not for sex hey? ... that's ok no judging on my part. You know some people have sex just for fun? Weird...

    Anyway. Why don't you say you're going to stay the night there because you both want to leave to go check something out really early in the morning and it will just save time and hassle if you can just leave together.

    • I don't get why people don't believe that. I'm a virgin and I LOVE to cuddle. If I were to spend the night at my bf's the farthest we would go is making out, but I wouldn't be having sex with him.

  • not for sexual reasons... hahahahahaha... good one.

    Sometimes as an adult you have to do things your parents don't approve of. I would just tell them you're spending the night at his place. They'll have to accept it.

  • movie night or combined study if u are student... may be u can say its his birthday or his parents aniversary

  • What would happen if you just went over there and then called your parents to say you're staying the night?

    Maybe go over for dinner, and then call them (or get him to call them) to say you're feeling ill and don't feel up to the drive (or walk or whatever) home.

    • Would you rather not lie to them?

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