Is he trying to be mysterious because he has been so open with me so far?

This guy, I have LOVED our open and honest conversations. But now he's pretending to act all mysterious. Telling me he's up to top secret things with winky faces (no, he's not being a pig)
Now I'm just turned off... Like I'm being toyed with. It's the only reasoning I can think of as to why he's suddenly being so secretive and taking AGES to reply to my texts.

Thanks, curious to hear from others!


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  • He's probably used to the short attention span of some women and knows that if he's too open in the beginning, they'll get bored.

    • It's funny because I can understand why but I really enjoyed his openness.

  • It would sound bad but i think he is in something else

    • What do you mean? Like his mystery thing? I know it's not bad but it's like, he wanted me to ask and all that. Then he'd do the not tell me trying to be cute. ..

    • yeah then he has some very bad mystery

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