Asked a girl to a date (casual), how should I go?

Just today, I asked my crush on a lunch date and it will be on this Friday . I used my confidence and just went up on her and asked, then left. From what I herd, she kinda felt awkward, and asked a couple to join us, cuz she thinks it might be awkward just 2 of us... Luckily, I know the couples and they are supportive on me. Should I bring them on the date? Or just ask them not to come?

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One more thing... we don't really text but talk and chat like 2 - 3 times a week. and it goes on pretty well. but since i gave her my intention, should i text/chat her more often? i mean she sees me as a mysterious cute guy so should i carry on with that kind of character?


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  • Don't force texts, they're limited to a fault. Another couple to let the two shy introverted awkward people keep a conversation going isn't for the worst, but keep it in mind. Mystery's can only last so long, either they get found out or they get boring. When and where is the difficulty, don't have an answer or warning there. Finally if you wish to be with this girl indefinitely you can't be a character indefinitely, on the other hand if you don't, try to find out how far that character can go and have an escape plan before hand.

    • ahh thanks mate! :D well i know i got strong feelings on her. and even herself thinks that she is boring, but i never got bored of it ahahaha


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  • Definitely bring them. Some people feel more comfortable when there are other people they know well around when trying to get to know someone. If she's comfortable, she's more likely to be open with you. Plus double dates are fun and the other couple can help smooth over and awkward moments if you happen to have any.


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  • Don't bring them. But talk to her about what you want... that you want to get to know her better. But that's kind of a red flag, dude.

  • let them come and told them to be supportive.. as they are a couple so they will be busy in each other and you carry on with your date.. u will not loose confidence if that couple helps you

    • i've just noticed that there was a time that i talked with her and the couple were also there... and yea i felt confidence and they were also busy talking. might be a good idea? ahaha

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    • well im not really shy around her. my problem is, if she can talk and ask more question than me ahaha she doesn't really have a lot of relationship experience, most probably virgin :\ but normally our conversation carries on only with my questions

    • it will be fine after some meetings.. make her comfortable with your presence... show care and love... dont discuss anything about sex or past life for now...

  • dont bring them!! just show her how confident you are and show her that it will be not boring when you are alone with eachoter..

    • well, i could play along like this. i am fine with it. but the problem is, if she can be normal and carry on with the conversation...

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    • ahahaha thanks :) she finds me funny. and she thinks im mysterious and cute ;) so i suppose i have a good impression on her in a way

    • yes you can do it men come on!!! :)

  • just tell her the truth about yourself and tell her how you really feel about her.

    • ha ha ha, thanks for the opinion... but she recently actually rejected a person, due to the fact that the guy went up how you are suggesting me to do... well, im not rushing and i dont wanna do the same thing to f it up haha