Dating 101 fillllller?

I'm supposed to see this guy for the first time, after we've been chatting for a couple of weeks, daily. I'm freaking out - mainly because I like him and want him to be the same in person and I feel like I should also be the best, my best version.
Anyway, the thing is, he's asked me out the day before yesterday but I told him we should meet up today even though I didn't have anything planned that evening and he knew and yesterday I told him I went out, which I did. He's shy. Could he have taken it as some sort of rejection a bit?
Also, how to I chillax tonight? xD



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  • you two are still seeing each other tonight so I doubt he took it as rejection. you're gonna be nervous no matter what so just try and have fun and get to know him more. don't worry about awkward silences, just worry about fun.


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