What would you do if you went on a date with someone from the internet and they looked worse in real life than their pictures?

I have a date with this really hot guy from Tinder tomorrow and I'm extremely nervous. Mostly because I look way better in pictures than I do in real life. Even my friends have told me that. I mean, poor guy, he's probably thinking he's gonna go out with an attractive girl but it will turn out she's not really that attractive after all. I don't wanna be a disappointment for him. What could he's reaction be? Guys, if you were in a situation where the girl looked better in the pictures would you dump her on the spot or still give her a chance?


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  • If you arnt hidious, I would go through with the date and see how the your personality is.


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  • I would still be polite but there wouldn't be a second date. Not because they're not as attractive but because they lied. Not a good way to start off a potential relationship.