A question about online dating?

I have not had much luck with girls as of late, so at the suggestion of a few have looked at online dating but I think this would never be an option. The reason being the description of what almost every woman wants, I can't believe there are many men of this world who would be able to live up too the expectations (demands) of a lot of the women who advertise, the qualifications required make it look like a job advert that you would read and immediately move onto the next one. No wonder they are single, don't they realise that Superman was a fictional character, anyway has anyone got any other suggestions as online dating seems to have the odds heavily stacked against men having any success.


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  • You're right about it being very stacked against men. The best you can do is put a good profile up and just view it like a number's game. Instead of focusing on 5-6 women, focus on 50-60 women.

  • if you want to try online dating be honest about your description. girls would like that more than a guy with a fake description i guess.

    • The problem with that is how do they know even if you were as honest as you can be, they could still think it's a load of lies, men can never win.