Girlfriend wants me to be upset at her?

Ok to make it short, we had an argument because she disrespected me infront of her friend later I checked her and made sure that kind of disrespect wasn't going to fly. A full day passed before we spoke again, finally I was cool enough to talk trough it and make peace. All this time me being the only one to reach out to her, so I Let go and move on, but apparently she feels so guilty, she wants to be left alone and be sad, she doesn't want to be happy at the moment, and doesn't understand how I can get over it so fast.

I need help to try to figure this out, should I just not care and be blunt with her? Apparently that's what she wants, she did say that I have the right to be mad and treat her bad, makes no sense.

Ps today was a little better but I can tell she's still sad.


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  • Sounds like a crazy psycho. Maybe leave her?

    • She's not a psycho but I'm sure her emotions are blinding her, plus I love her she's a really amazing girl