Are any long distance relationships successful? When do you consider yourself dating?

Just wondering if anybody has had any luck with the whole long distance relationship thing or not. I have a romantic interest but she lives 8 hours away and i'm not sure when/if we can meet up. I've been talking to her for like 3 weeks now does that mean we're dating or what? I'm a confused clueless guy lol

Ladies voice your opinion please I need a feminine perspective ;)


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  • A long distance relationship is different from a real life one. I've been in one for four months. We are much further apart than you. The obvious, but critical difference is that you have to overcommunicate. texts, phone calls, video chat, etc is critical. You will miss each other terribly. You will have to be comfortable with each other enough to express it. See each other whenever possible. but yes, you can say you are 'dating' and be exclusive in a ldr


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  • Long distance relationships are really sweet. Yeah of course it is dating.

  • my buddy it is best to stay away from long distance relationships, they are a good test on a strong relationship but starting a relationship from 8 hours away is really not the best idea, i was with a girl for 2 years, it took two months and we broke, if you can see her every weekend or so then go for it but otherwise its not even worth the heartbreak. sorry thats my opinion.