Has anyone had a problem getting over someone?

I am having the hardest time getting over this one girl. I have accepted the fact she isn't interested in me, but every time I see her I just smile. It sucks that I work with her, I have tried avoiding her and keeping my distance but we always get paired up or me and her just end up finding each another. I am 90% sure she knows how I feel about her because I did tell her that I wanted to get to know her better. But she has really been mature about it, didn't start acting weird around me or anything.

Now she is starting to dating this one guy, and I am happy for her because for my sake that she found someone to treat her well ( ex-boyfriend was a dick.). But selfishly I wanted that to be me. I have not felt like this about someone for a while now too. I almost feel like I am being a highschool kid again. And I know that I am a great guy and if she can't see that, that is her lost.


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  • I've felt that way too. You're not alone


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  • I know the feeling. You seem like you have a good perspective on the situation. You'll be over her soon!