Can feelings just stop?


To make a long story short, I've been good friends with this guy for three years. Last year he confessed he had feelings for me but they stopped because he didn't want to ruin our friendship. Then towards the end of last year he started to hug me and kiss my forehead. Does he still have feelings for me? Can a guy's feelings for a woman just stop? Is the old excuse " I don't want to ruin a friendship" just an excuse?


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  • Yes its an excuse and feelings take time to stop.


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  • I think it's an excuse or at least partially true. I liked this guy friend of mine but in order to stop it I had to distance myself. I was always physically attracted to him but I was able to snuff out the emotional attraction mostly. It took time and never completely went away. If something intimate had happened between us again the feelings would have come back. I don't think it ever fully goes away but you can (eventually and slowly) compartmentalize your feelings for someone but to do so, at least for me, it took distance and time.