Do guys ever get concerned or have thoughts when their girlfriend doesn't text them back as usual?

Just wondering if your girlfriend didn't return your text as usual meaning typically you have a convo throughout the day, but one day, it got cout off, would you be concerned at all about the situation? Or would you forget about it and not even care? Or you not even notice it happened? Or would it get you wondering if something is up?


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  • Yeah, believe me.. We know when something's up just by the way you're texting. Even if you do reply like "normal" it's not the same as usual. don't know if you get me but we can definitely see the subtle changes in the texts when something's up.

  • Yes, I'd get worried if our usual conversation is held off for some reason. I know I probably shouldn't, and when that's happened in the past there's always been a good reason.


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