He taught very little of me, why?

I m a 22 year old girl, haven't had much life experience because when i was 12 years old my life kinda just stopped and i had to go through ''tough treatment'' because i had scoliosis. I turned into a very shy insecur girl and i didn't had many friends, even tho i was beautiful, i was scared people would bully me so i never told anyone and till this day i still deal with me feeling indifferent with my peers. Last this guy took me out on a ''date'' and i guess he liked me and wanted to get to know me better, i pushed him away because i was very insecure and i don't have my life together, he saw that as a turnoff and thought i was lazy and not ''a high achiever'' like he was or didn't had many friends, he said i didn't deserve him and i felt even more awful, he said there are no exuses in life and basically lowered me to a 'booty call'' status. I didn't had sex with him and he couldnt get why since im from a ''lower'' class, i should... matter of fact, im black, he is white. This situation made me more insecure and i dont ever want to date anymore. , he said i was ''lifeless'' and not productive. Why? why didn't he just leave me alone instead of making me feel awful?


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  • Its horrible the way he treated you... maybe it was out of spite. Maybe he just wanted a preppy cheerleader or something... Its hard to say but its clear that there isn't much reason to dwel on this.
    You need to feel a bit more secure and confident.

    I know how destructive those experiences, like the one you had, can be. (I had my fair share of problems.) If you feel insecure even making new friends can make you freak out. (Do they like me do they wanna be friends and meet up?) With dates its even worse isn't it?
    What you could try do is just focus on doing things you like and trying to become the person you want to be. Thats what im doing i love traveling so i am. Im trying to complete my studies etc etc. So maybe you can do the same. It helped me a lot and keeps me from relapsing into depression.

    And don't worrie too much about what people think think about what you think about yourself.


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  • You should generally ignore what people like him say. They don't care or don't even want to care about your struggle. Don't give him that victory over you by letting his words control your life - move on and prosper.

  • Because he is a bigoted ass. Your race, class, social standing or level of achievement hqs nothing to do with this. He is a bigot, and a hypocrite.

    He didn't deserve you, or any other woman. He used women to strike his ego, and get sex. Plain and simple.


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  • You tell me about run on sentences.

    Don't waste your time thinking about why this person made you feel awful, sometimes people do not care or think about anyone else's problem and end up being total scum. Move on, you'll eventually find someone who cares about you and maybe will teach you how to deal with your insecurities.