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A friend of mine recently described what I am experiencing right now with the guy I'm talking to as a "stalemate". He's sending signals that he's interested, but I'm still a little cautious to start anything and I might not be actually showing him that I actually like him in the best manner. She suggested to me that I need to actually reach out to this guy more, but I worry about looking dumb or desperate. My friend insists that it wouldn't be that way and instead would just actually show him that I do think of him and do like him. Is she right?


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  • Being a guy and having been on the other side of that conversation, you should listen to your friend. He probably wants to show you he likes you but won't unless he thinks you have some interest back. I say listen to your friend

    • So, as a guy, what would be a good way to show that interest back?

    • Ask him about his day, sound interested, give him a compliment, maybe ask for advise from him and then say like "thank you!!! You are soooo smart" haha but yeah any of these could help. The most direct way would be to say you like him... But yeah. Really if you just be open with him and try and do things with him or talk to him, anything would work

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  • Just add extra kisses to the end of texts, compliment him, tell him you like being around him, things like that. Much easier than you think.