Have you ever get back together with an ex ( bf / gf ) that broke up with you?

So did you , and tell me what you did to manage so, even if they seemingly moved on , straight into a rebond relationship. Some good news would be welcome.. thanks in advance for sharing your story with me

i respect everyones opinion, but stop telling me that it will never work out, you may have a point, but some couples get back together and have a better relationship then they had before. love is the only thing worth fighting for on this planet, with so much hate and violence everywere. i try to be postive , personally i believe sometimes we shouldn't give up, but take a step back and stay on the background. thats what im doing right now, it hurts, it feels like im wasting my time sometimes


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  • Exes shoud stay in past and you should move on. You are not braking up with people you love for no reason? are you?


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  • Got back with my ex wife after she cheated on me. Realized it was my fault and wanted to really fix things. I did have a moment were I messed up the guy sure cheated on me with. Emotions get the best of you when you walk in. Then shortly after... I find messages between the two and clearly it wasn't over. That's when I realized she was telling me it really was over. Not saying it can't work but really be honest with yourself when you are asking why you broke it off to begin with.