How do I ask her to be my girlfriend?

I met a girl in high school orientation. We became decent friends.
I really like her. I'm not sure if she likes me, but she knows I like her.


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  • The best way, is to take a few deep breaths and politely ask her. I know how lame that sounds, so i'll break it down for you:
    Step 1) Decide on the wording: Polite/Respectful/Sweet is THE way to go. Arrogant/Crude/Rude is a sure way to LOSE her.
    Step 2) Practice the question in front of a mirror, or a respectable Pic of her. Keep going until you actually feel comfortable with this.
    Step 3) Man Up, and go ask her.

    Remember: Be yourself: Being fake/Pretend Cool is NOT going to work. Either she likes you for you, or she doesn't. If she says yes, while you fake it, then I'd really question if she really likes the real you. If she DOES say yes, and you are being yourself, CONGRATS! You'll be a lot happier.

    OH, and remember: ASK HER! Do NOT let this opportunity slip by you! If you are too afraid of rejection to ask her, you WILL lose her!


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  • Before you ask her out make sure you ask her if she feels the same as you do. That's all you can do for now tbh.

  • You should ask he what she feels and then just ask her out on a date or something. Its really not that hard. Unless you're really nervous 😊


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  • Ask her out sometime like to an interesting place, that way you can see if she wants to know you better and it`s also a way of really letting her know you like her.

    She may think you like her, but that doesn`t mean that she will make the first move.
    Think of something fun where you and her can talk without any interruption and see if she likes you as well. When you`re confident that she likes you, you can confess your feelings for her.

    Best of luck.

  • Just go with the flow, eventually you'll feel the time is right.

    On a side note: I almost never make it exclusive until I realize how frustrated my ex girlfriends were. :o