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Hi I'm ray look I'm a really nice guy I promise I am I prefer a girls personality before her looks I find beauty for what's on the inside anyway I've been having trouble with this girl she's amazing in every way she's smart, funny, kind and she's drop dead beautiful but that's just a bonus honestly and she told wasn't really looking for a relationship cause her boyfriend broke up with her and I respected that and back off a bit and I later find out she's going on a date with some jerk he's a complete douche he'll try to get in every girls pants he go's out with i and I got really depressed when i heard i would say something but she's my friend and I will support her even if it kills me inside cause i want her to be happy and I'm just sick of being alone I mean i guess it's true that all nice guys finish last could someone please help me do I sit there and take it or tell her how I feel?


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  • Sorry but that is really sweet, any girl would be lucky to have you! Tell her how you feel and if everything goes pear shaped, dont forget there are lots of other girls who would fall over their feet to know you ;)


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  • Well then tell her how you feel! But do not say that the guy she is going on a date with is a douche because that it gonna make her think that you get jealous really easily- these are your options in my opinion-
    a. tell her how you feel ASAP in person and don't say you don't like that guy that is supposed to go a date with and maybe she'll cancel with him you two can live happily ever after :)
    b. tell her he is a douchebag but then do not tell her how you feel because you are giving her advice as a friend.
    Those are the two smart options I think that you have to choose between :) good luck!!!

  • She gave you an excuse because she doesn't like you, there it is, accept it, move on.


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