Would you be able to tolerate this or would it be too much on your nerves?

Would you be able to be friends with and hang around a person who stutters? I have ADHD and a motor tick I have as a result is stuttering.

I do my best to controll it but when ever I get anxious or nervouse it's just hopeless. I just don't talk to prevent the looks and jokes people make. I laugh at it too sometimes but other times I hate it.

Anyway, I hear really close people in my life saying they want to just smack the words out of me or other petty shit like that. And I really don't blame them.

So would you be able to tolerate being around someone like me or would it be too much on your patience?

Luckily I have a man in my life who looks past it I just wish I could have friends too..

Don't hold back people trust me I've heard it all before.

Also, would you assume it effects my intelligence?


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