Would you date someone and be physically intimate with a girl who had a stoma bag?

I have Crohn's disease and have had it since I was 13. Since the age of 13 I have also had a stoma bag. So because I had a colostomy I have to wear a stoma bag most of the time, which I know grosses a lot of people out. This has put me off getting intimate with guys, and I once started dating a guy and then he saw it and said he just couldn't continue the relationship. Image below, it will be a bit graphic but I want your honest opinion.


and this is a diagram of essentially what I have



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  • Well you need it.
    I don't think it'll deter all guys. I've known people with them.
    You'll find a not shallow guy who won't see it as a scary thing.

    • Thank you for the support


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  • My father has the same thing.

    As human beings we have become too superficial and have forgotten to look at the inner beauty in someone... the body is going to fade with age... Inner beauty, like wine, it only gets better with time...

    Send me a message dear... xoxo

  • Well that guys very shallow. If it's a wonderful relationship I think I could make it work.
    is this a lifelong condition?

    • Unfortunately yes

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    • If she's got an amazing personally. If they're a beautiful person on the inside there physical condition would bother me.

    • Wouldn't* lol

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  • I've known of people with by bags who dated and got married to, so don't lose hope or feel down about it.

    • Thank you for the support