Why don't girls ask me questions in return when you're just starting to know one another?

Girls, do you ever ask a guy a question you came up with on your own? I know the guy is supposed to be the leader and show interest, but it would be nice if the girl just randomly texted me in the middle of the day and asked something about me. It's annoying that I have to do all the work. Honestly I was talking to three girls last week and honestly I didn't even feel like going through the trouble of trying to setup a date and everything.

I just need to get out in real life and approach more than I have been. It's just that I'm terrible at talking to someone I don't even know.


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  • With the vast options available to a girl (anyone, really, but this advantage is more so for women i feel) due to the many social networking sites and what not about now a days, women are literally spoilt for choice. Pretty much any girl on the 1-10 scale has many options, so considering women aren't socialized to be the initiators in the relationship anyway, you need to come with some serious game (even for the average looking ones at best) to stand out from the other 15 so thirsty dudes in her inbox. If she's interested she'll usually try keep the conversation going, but i doubt unless she really likes you will she take actual interest in your life.


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  • The girls you text are strange. If I was getting to know a guy I would be asking lots of questions.

    • That's for sure.

    • Sorry man. Seriously just try to find some girls. For me, I always feel like I'm the one asking the questions. But it really depends on the person.

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  • either could be testing you or not interested