Gonna go out with this guy, what should I wear?

I'm gonna go out with this guy. Soon... I do not know if it is going to be a date or not. But we went on few dates before. Long story short I do not know if this one is going to be a date. I want to impress him. What should I wear?

  • 1 (top and jeans)
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  • 2 (fitted dress)
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  • s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/.../...987ef68a9a.jpg

    Something like this or jeans and top!

    • A dress with that silhouette you mean?

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    • Your welcome!! :D

    • Thanks for MH!!


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What Guys Said 5

  • I like the heels in the first one but since you said it's most likely a dinner I say go with the dress... I'm not sure if it's the lighting in the picture but the dress looks weird in a way... I don't think it's bad that it's fitted but do you have a clearer picture of it?

    • Hahaha what makes it weird? I'm going to wear a dress, it's not going to be this one, but it's also fitted like that. And no, I do not :/

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    • Haha he already told you don't worry about impressing him... just the fact he says he wants you to be comfortable is a great thing it shows he cares :D
      Lol go with the flats haha you'll look great with it anyway just remember to have fun!

    • Thank youuu :D

  • Depending on the restaurant. ( Fancy -> top notch )
    Something that matches the atmosphere, Classy or just casual.
    (from the bottom up dressing you ) black on white chucks, ripped jeans, a collar shirt with an optional bow-tie and maybe one cute hair accessories with minimum makeup ( eyeliner/ partial eye shadow ) would be my ideal.

    at least
    In my opinion.

    xoxo I voted A, ( didn't read your update. ) lol. </3

    • Lol thank you! It's not gonna be a fancy restaurant though

  • Do you know what you're gonna be doing?

    • Oh sorry I forgot to mention it. Probably dinner after work.

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    • Fitted is nice, I wouldn't recommend a super tight one that smooshes your boobs up outta the top.

    • Alright. Thank you :)

  • That dress is kind of weird looking in my opinion.

    • The way it falls on my body or the pattern?

    • You have a really good body, the pattern and blue and black dont always look good together and that is a good example of that.

    • I'm bot gonna wear this particular dress. Was asking if a fitted dress would be a good idea.

  • If you're "dating", it'll be a date. It depends on where you're going. I mean, you wouldn't wear a dress to a baseball game, right?

    • No lol. It's gonna be a dinner after work.

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    • So number 1?

    • And somethung happened between us that mskes me unsure this one will be a date.

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  • the top and jeans look better on you.. but it will still depend on what you will be doing and whats comfortable for you.

  • I love the dress! It's fitted and the color is really elegant, plus it shows skin in a really good way.

  • I don't like the dress.. The jeans top look better on the whole

    • Because of the pattern?

    • Umm.. Its just flat one pattern no variety. I personally wouldn't wear it if I want to impress someone. I don't like the sleeve length.. Should have been sleeveless maybe.
      And the fitting is too tight, kind of shows ur belly.. Just my opinion :)
      I like the jeans top the heels are awesome <3

    • Thank you :)

  • You should wear something lacy like this…

    • Don't you think it's going to be too formal? I'm just going to have a dinner after work

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    • Thank youu :)

    • No problem. :)