Did I upset him , why did he react like this?

I have been seeing a guy for over a year now it's a long distance thing , we get on well I care lots for him. Last night I felt so tired but we was messaging each other like we normally do , he went off for a shower so I messaged I'm going to bed now I'm really tired night x. Then a few minutes later I get message from him saying " it's only 10.20 why are you going to bed?" . Because I get notifications on my phone I didn't reply back so I went to bed and turned my phone off. This morning I turn my phone on abd there's two missed calls and messages :/ one saying are you going to bed? And another saying night. Why did ge behave in this way? Maybe I've upset him? I was tired and just wanted to go to bed , hope I didn't upset him :(


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  • Lol my boyfriend also does the same thing and I get upset because it's too early to go to sleep. Yes but if he is tired it's okay, but during normal days when he isn't tired and when he says he need to sleep and that too at 10.20, I will feel upset. I don't think so you upset him, but talk to him, if he is upset, you can make him understand you were tired, that's it. :')


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  • How can someone missed you a call if you turned off your phone? Is this a made up story? Be honest...

    • My phone sends me text alerts when I've had a missed call

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    • I wasn't rude I was just tired , I texed night , just don't understand why he felt the need to call me :/ Im feeling pretty awful this morning

    • you know that people are all different... you're boyfriend might be the over protective type of guy in which instances you should be very proud... and there are some unexplainable instances where in a partner have this feeling that his/her partner isn't feeling well... probably the reason why he is calling you is just to check you and/or comfort you...

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  • I don't think he was updated maybe just doubtful that you really were going to bed but not mad

    • To call my phone twice tho? I don't understand this , I wasn't rude I did say I was tired