Never the date girl always the hook up?

The last 4 guys i have spoke to or seen have always said how they just want keep things casual and just hook up with me! I'm wondering why? i'm not mean to them, i don't talk about sex with them, i pretty damn smart, i dpn't slap on tons of make up and wear revealing clothing, i don't understand why they just want to sleep with me? is it my image? or do they think i'm easy? and is the difference between a girl you hook up with and a girl you date?


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  • Guys your age, and even my age, aren't really ready to settle down. The college years are for partying, not settling down. My dad didn't get married until he was around his lower 30's, not 20. I was supposedly an accident. He was a player but when he found out I was on the way, he did the right thing and married my mom. I said "supposedly" because I'm not sure who I'm supposed to believe, my moms story, or my dads


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  • If you told that they just want to sleep with you... the yeah you're the easy one... you're probably just the friends with benefit kind of girl to them... my advice... stop having Sexual relationship with guys... don't just give in and let them penetrate you... most of men will think that you're a easy to get bitch... sorry for being rude but that's the reality... as a friend... I need to be rude just to give my point... a friend doesn't tolerate a friend's mistake... remember that... I hope you'll find you're true love... bless you...

    • I never hooked up with any of them, they wanted too but i didn't.

    • that's good for you... well... I can say that just ignore those kind of men and in time I do believe that you'll find the best man that will make you happy... Just keep being a good girl okay? and remember whenever you're being tempted and thinking to hook up with a guy... just remember those rude words that I've said above and for sure things will be good if not great...

  • Hmmmm you don't look like the hook up types judging by just your picture my first guess is probably your hair color

    • What's wrong with my hair colour?

    • It looks good on you but chicks with dyed hair tend to be the more "adventurous" types

  • While she was riding me she very quickly switched holes and i didn't even know for the first like 2 mins, but i was thinking wow is she tight and "maybe she can squeeze a cock real good" lol.. I later realized she took my anal virginity! i'm still with her too.

  • Dating , caring, loving. hook up n conclusion is
    ... sex ... all are same things.. Do u find n see any difference in all?


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