Disrespectful and hurtful?

Everytime my boyfriend and his mom get in a agruement he screams at her, It makes me seriously uncomfortable. I always get the impression that he doesn't have any respect for women because he also does the same thing to me when him and I get into agruements as well. His mom does absolutely everything for him and its seriously annoying to watch. I need feed back if anyone has any on how to deal with this.


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  • Yes!!! Listen to your gut!!! Any guy that is raised thinking it's even remotely ok to yell or even talk to his mother disrespectfully. Will continue on doing the same to any girl he is with. That is most of the time the best way to see how a man will treat a woman.. Is watch how he treats his mother.
    P. s. That is not a guaranteed proven method. But it Will definitely give you insight to how he will treat you in the long term.

    Hope this helps


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  • If this guy is already screaming at both you and his mom whenever he gets mad, you better be careful. He seems to be pretty aggressive which can be REALLY bad. He might get to the point where he won't only use words... It's definitely hurtful and disrespectful. Try to talk to him about how it makes you feel in a semi public place. That way he probably won't get as mad or won't beable to show it as much. If he really loves you, he'll try his best to change. If he gets really mad when you tell him how you feel, it's probably best to break up.