Oh boy. A blind date with a guy I met on tinder?

We've only communicated through text, for the past couple of weeks. I know safety is key, that box is checked and taken care off. Assuming he is a fine guy, how the hell am I going to keep conversation flowing? I struggle with that on a regular basis with the opposite sex at work and everywhere else. Is there some kind of magic spell, or technique people with good conversational skills use? Or does it depend on your "chemistry" with the date? Huh?


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  • Don`t think of specific questions you have to ask, but just go with the flow.
    A conversation about each others sports can easily turn into a whole bunch of questions and stories and end up in each others favorite food or something like that. Engage in the conversation and show your interest and it should be fine.
    Ow one tip if you want to show him that you like him. If you`re really interested in him and want to show you`re interested you can give him slight touches like teasing him when he makes a joke or hold his hands when you need help getting up on something, this creates more of a bond when you touch each others skin.


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  • Just go in their knowing 100% that you are absulotley gorgeous and confident.
    he will be just as nervous so don't worry:)
    At least you know he finds you attractive :))

  • if you are interested in each other, it´ll flow. just talk about everyday stuff and what is on your mind. but how is it a "blind" date? did neither of you have a picture on tinder? xD

  • invite your guy to your home , give him a blowjob and a fuck. he will adore the hell out of you.


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  • If you're worried about conversation pay attention to his interests. Like let's say he likes sports -> what game? -> what team? -> interesting facts? Use the time before the date to talk more and educate yourself about his interests. He'll hopefully be doing the same for you.

    You can also look up some conversation starters. There's tons of things like... oddest job or weirdest/funniest work story, or did you ever want to join the circus. Do some questions or tones go over better than others? Use what you learn about him to your advantage and have fun!