Why hasn't he bothered to text me?

I've known this guy for about 3 months. I was introduced to his friends and family. We used to speak every day, and he would also call. He would ask to see me basically every weekend and invite me to events. Due to my busy schedule, we didn’t catch up as much as I would’ve liked to. I remember this one time we were out, and I was talking to another guy and he asked who it was, in a seemingly jealous way and that night asked who I was on the phone to once I had ended a call (which was my mother). He would hold my hand and put his arm around my waist when directing me to somewhere. We only have kissed, because every time we have caught up, it’s been out in ‘public’. When we’ve been texting, there have definitely been sexual connotations so I feel we are both sexually attracted to each other. He would act the same when I was around with his friends. When we caught up, we would talk about everything and I definitely sensed he felt comfortable around me, as we would joke around with each other. He invited me to something on new years, and I told him that I could probably go, but I was unfortunately away and he seemed to have gotten quite annoyed, became blunt with me, but told me he missed me. Time went on, and we didn’t speak for a bit, but we just snap chatted each other. He was still sort of blunt, and only got in contact with me once he saw a photo of me and this guy on my snap chat (who is my friend).
I am moving away for about a year, he said he would come and visit me. While I was away, he religiously kept asking when I am going to be back. I left it for about a week, and I got in contact with him again asking how he’s been and he seemed happy to hear from me. We carried on talking, and he told me he missed me again and even ‘jokingly’ I think, mentioned he wouldn’t mind if I were the woman of his house one day. Carried on talking, and I was the last to reply.


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  • This sounds normal and cyclic. It's not the lack of texting it's your emotional wanting that's the issue.

    • What do you mean?

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    • Aka ignoring me.

    • Probably not. It's just how the pattern was established.


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  • He may be busy, he may have lost interest, he may have found another girl. It could be a number of reasons.


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  • When did you text him?