Should I be wearing cologne?

Should I wear cologne for a first date? If so, what store can I find them in, and what's a decent price range for a student's budget?


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  • YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WEAR COLOGNE! I can not stress that enough.

    in my dating experiences... my most complimented thing by women has been how I smell. it drives women nuts...especially if you can pick the right one. now everyone's body chemistry is different and certain colognes will naturally smell better on other it is really something that with time you will have to figure out which ones work best for you. but ...there are some sure fire ones ...that women just seem to go wild for!

    i would suggest one of the following...(for a small bottle ..not to pricey either)

    BURBERRY TOUCH (for men lol)



    or for a more lighter scent ...but still one that women seem to love

    CLINIQUE HAPPY (for men )

    my personal favorite and most highly complimented one is burberry touch that would be my recommendation. remember though with any of these ...dont over due it on the spraying as this will probably be an instant turn of too the women...

    one spray on the wrist...then rub them shot on the chest area..but spray from about a foot and a half away so it is not so potent...and MAYBE one small spray on the neck.

    good luck :):)


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  • You can wear cologne but please don't overdo it lol. My boyfriend used to put like 10 sprays and I couldn't stand near him. One spray 2 the most is fine. In less you smell bad you really don't need it. I personally could care less about cologne but every girl is different. Anything from 15-25 dollars is a decent price. Check Tjmaxx or marshalls. They usually have brand name colognes cheaper.

  • Ok the fast way to get me to notice a guy is by smell. I mean if he smells good I just go crazy I love like tag old spice stuff like that it just gets me all wanting to be so close to him. also I remember the guy more by the smell if I happen to smell it like at the mall he is all I can think about. so I say yeah wear something. up to you what it is though

  • i would highly suggest anything from the body shop (most malls have one). the scents are all amazing and are pretty natural in terms of not smelling fake and overpowering like some colognes out there. of course, I like other more expensive colognes, but don't overdo it for a first date. the price range is perfect as well. you can find a bottle of cologne for around 20-30 dollars. I believe you can still get the oils that last longer as well and are around 15 bucks. you just put a bit on your pulse points. I loved that my ex used to wear the body shop white musk for men. it was probably the hottest smell I have ever smelled on a guy. very sexy. god, I am having flashbacks of how he smelled...mmmmmmmm lol

    you could also just get a few samples of colognes and try one on out on your date. then you won't have to feel obligated to purchase the entire bottle of something for one night. let us know which one you end up with!


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  • You can find some decent cologne in a small-size bottle for between $20 and $30 usually, things like Avatar and Nautica are pretty good, as is Acqua de Gio. The important thing when wearing cologne on a date is to apply it sparingly - trust me, a little bit can go a long way.

  • Uh... YEAH you should wear cologne!

  • I've used Burberrry Touch and Realm for men and girls really like them

    they're not too expensive