Why does a guy date a girl who thinks he is ugly?

what if you find out that your girlfriend thinks your ugly and eww outside and she dates you just because of your personality or even just your money andyour career? how would you react?

i just have seen some guys especially east Asian guys who work really hard and behave really well to please their women but their women don't even find them attractive. is it sad? whats your opinion?


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  • Most guys only care how he feels about her, as long as she does what he wants. Guys are results-driven, not connection driven. So, if she puts out anyway, it doesn't matter so much how attracted she is.

    • A pussy is a pussy, is a pussy, basically. Sex is sex

    • i am the guy who care about if she appreciates my apperance, my size, my muscle. lol. i like to see her blush being with me.

      lol i can not understand why some guys like gold diggers lol

    • See above ^. Haha. Don't get me wrong, we appreciate a guy who looks great - just that you can't always have everything and commitment/reliability has to count more. Or, for some chicks, money. They're dumb, though - usually that means less attraction AND less loyalty! :S


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  • my ex wasn't cute at all. but I dated him anyway cz he was such a nice guy.. but I never let him feel insecure ( or at least tried to ). I feel like girls who date nice guys and keep calling them ugly are bitches

  • hmm well it is sad because no one falls for your personality at first sight.


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  • hmm.. bye bye

    • agreed. i would never date a girl who doesn't think im sexy outside lol