Does he really love me or is he just that insecure?

My bf can just be a complete jerk to me. I've told him that it hurts me when he is like that but he doesn't seem to care. His dad is the same way and a lot if people say he acts like his dad especially when he is drinking. I'm at my breaking point cuz he doesn't make me feel loved. Which I shouldn't feel that way cuz we been dating for over a year. He use to treat me good when we first started dating but now it's the opposite. He did tell me awhile ago that now he has me so he doesn't have to be all sweet. He has told me he wants to be with me forever. But he also told his ex gf that too which he broke up with her cuz he wasn't in love with her anymore n she cheated on him. Then when I ask him to change he says I have to too which I do try to. And by that he means he wants me to grow up, trust him and quit fighting with him. Which he makes me fight with him N not trust him since he can be an *** and a flirt when he's drinking. Just like his dad is. But I heard that him N his ex use to fight all the time too. So I think my bf is one that likes to push buttons. He says he doesn't care when I go out to the bar but when I do n I come home he's mad. He has called me a whore plenty of times when we have came home from going out. He complains about a lot of things I do which makes me feel insecure even more. I'm jw why he is like this? He also emotionally abuses me. Does he really love me or just insecure? ?


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  • He sounds like a complete asshole.
    You should never let a guy treat you like that. You're not a whore for going to the bar, and don't let him say you are! That's awful.

    You need to confront him about this and say you feel like he's not trying hard enough to make you feel loved. No, he can't just stop trying because he got you- it'll never, ever last if he has that shitty attitude.


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  • No he doesn't love you. That's not love.. at all.

  • Okay sorry, couldn't get through all of the reading because there were too many red flags in there. Leave this guy now. Your gonna spare yourself a lot of waster time and energy.

  • Insecure or love has nothing to do with it. He treats you bad, you accept that, what's the issue? When you decide to stop accepting it, people can help you. Til then, what do you want anybody to tell you.