Not off to a good start after trying online dating and not really sure why?

tried to give online dating a try but honestly its off to a horrible start and haven't even got a single reply yet and I sent out over 20 plus messages on the weekend. made some changes to type of about me I had used before and tried to add a couple different pics. and trying to come across as type of guy looking to date/ lead to a relationship not a sexual profile in anyway.

but it didn't seem to generate any interest at all from girls I had messaged and not really sure why as I have meet a lot of girls in real life. online dating seems to be a bit different and maybe you have to go about it another way to generate interest. not really sure what I'm doing wrong or if whole idea was a bad idea and I should refocus my effort somewhere else if I want to date someone?


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  • For some reason, most women don't like it if a guy starts of with a compliment about her looks. I suggest something such as, "Hey there, I'm _____, how are you?" And continue the message with a few things you have in common with her, or things you like on her profile (besides her pictures, of course).

    • I didn't mention her looks in any of the emails , might of said I though she was interesting or found profile interesting. but nothing specifically about looks or sex in message

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    • Hm... have you tried asking more questions? Of course, not the creepy ones, but ask her about things on her profile. It definitely opens up to conversation, and we all know the truth: even the most selfless people like to talk about themselves.

    • well sometimes I try and link my message to things in profile or ask a specific question if there was something there I found of interest. think a lot of the girls I messaged might be type who get a lot of messages and maybe they just don't reply to many guys in general


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  • Yeah I've been attempting the online dating thing for a few months now. Good luck with that. I'll talk to guys on there and they seem so interested but as soon as you meet they just want to have sex pretty much. So my experience leads me to believe most people even women just wants sex. Not all just most.

  • If you don't have trouble with girls in real life then why did you even start online dating?

    • well I was meeting some girls but not really getting dates and a lot of the girls I meet in real life was more during summer when things busier here ( I live in more of a seasonal area that's busy during summer ) so finding winter a bit slow of any dating leads and spend a lot of time on computer so though it might be an option

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    • there's some girls but options very limited as to the single ones , a couple of the girls I knew moved away for school and not sure if there even going to come back home. I've had a hard time meeting girls my own age at local pub , seem to have meet more younger women who are still finishing school and not around town much

    • Hmm, sorry to hear that. Well lets see, if you still want to meet a girl "the old fashioned way" you could always join some sort of club/class/organized group. Maybe like a gym or a class of yor interest or a church or something? Lol. Or maybe you could try a different dating site/ app?

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