Why won't he call me or ask me out?

I met this guy online at the start of the year and we hit it off and have been texting daily every since - snapchatting too. We talk about loads of stuff and we've agreed what we'd do on our first date. The thing is he lives about an hour away from me and we're both really busy with work so it's difficult to find time to meet up. We've provisionally arranged something but I don't really know what's happening. I guess my question is how can I make sure he actually wants to meet and doesn't just like the attention? Also, how can I get him to call me instead of texting - it'd be nice to have a change. I tried to drop hints, but he doesn't seem to get them. Either that or he doesn't want to. Am I wasting my time here?


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  • Yes u r wasting your time


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  • He is probably just going with the flow, if you have arranged something set a date and see if he sticks to it. I'm not a phonecall person and would rather text since it's more convenient and then I don't sound nervous on the phone or get lost for words haha! But if you're concerned about him liking you then take a back seat for a bit and see if he makes the effort :)