He's white, I am Latina (Mexican American)?

My boyfriend is white, and I am Mexican American. I have always been attracted to white guys, but honestly don't care what race they are, if a guy is a nice guy and treats me well why not? But I cannot seem to notice the looks I get when we go out, is it still that weird for a Latina to date a white guy? or vice versa?


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  • Really you guys get weird looks? Because interracial couples are very common now a days. I've dated a few white men and i never got weird looks, we looked very different though because i am very exotic looking, all latinas are and the white men i was with were very... white looking? I don't know how to put it haha but all of them were very opposite from me. Maybe a couple times we got looks but it was usually from older white people or young white girls around my age.

    • Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean!!! and yes, I am the same way. Well I live in Nebraska, and sadly in different parts of the city I live in, you get more looks than usual, and other parts of the city it's completely normal, I just live in a city that is still split into Black/Hispanic/White Areas... slowly we are mixing and eventually should have blacks, and hispanics everywhere! but for now, yes we still get looks in "white areas" of town.

    • Oh okay, i have a friend who went to college there and said there is a lot more white people that live over there. From what i know its completely different from Los angeles ca. Thats where im from and there is so many different people here with people outside their race. I love all the different people. There are those areas though where you have more white people in this city or more hispanic in another city but thats just how it is , but where i live there is white amd mexican almost 50/50. Everyone dates everyone lol but im sorry to hear you guys get those looks. Just ignore them, their ignorant. As long as you two are happy thats all that should matter :)


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  • What about south Asian guy.. lol

    • Haha, well honestly the guy I am dating is Half Thai and Half White (American), most people consider him "White", because he looks white, doesn't look Asian at all. which is why I say it that way, but I don't mind at all where they are from, he's an awesome boyfriend, I cannot complain.

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  • No it's not weird at all. The population around here is about 50/50 and I see happy couples like yourself all over the place. No I know one thinks anything of it and I can't think of any reason why they should.