Need help on college dating? Am I too young?

hey guys, so this is my first post on here hehe. im an international student about to attend college in the US in the fall and I will only be 16 when I attend, while most if not all of the people there will be 18 or 19.. I was just wondering if guys would date girls younger than them? will they think im too immature for them and treat me differently? or will they just not care about it? im not super desperate or anything, im just curious. :)


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  • 16 might be too young for some of them, yeah. Technically it's in most states.

    • but they will accept me for who i am right?

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    • im just scared that I'll be an outcast :/

    • I'm not going to lie, some may have an issue with it. Just be sure you are involved with as many social activities as you can. There should be groups for international students - so get in with them. Avoid the
      "party scene" and just get yourself out there.


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  • College you are to young to date as it is illegal. However, you can date people in HS. What country are you from?

    • malaysia..

    • Most guys love foreign accents. Every girl that I've know that is a foriegn exchange student is always sought after.

  • They will date younger women if you are legal in their country. They will treat you differently.

    • how differently? and yes i am legal lol.

    • You're younger so they may act as though you are either easily messed with or just dumber in general and more innocent walking on pins and needles.

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  • You're a child. If you weren't thinking about why do you need to know what they would think of you?

    • as I said, i was curious.

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    • Or you think you're hot stuff...

    • i never said that i was -.-