Does anyone else get discouraged when your crush does this?

Do you get discouraged if your crush calls you bro, nig, or any other little name that indicates you're just friends?

My crush did that to me last night and this morning... I felt really discouraged lol. Anyone else feel that way when that happens?


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  • Which nickname did he call you? I honestly feel if he used "nig" that's pretty hilarious.

    • That one, bro and buddy lol

    • omg, lmao. If I was you I would have been like "... did you really just call me that? Really now?"

      That's not a good sign honestly. I mean dude isn't that bad, that one can kinda slip. Bro isn't too bad depending on the context. I see buddy because I have a phrase "Alright buddyyy", whenever something is said that I don't agree with, it's sarcastic, but I'm not meaning it in a bad way. Nig is outright terrible, lmao. That I can NEVER picture saying to a girl I like.

    • I know I should've said something lol! Looks like I got put in the friend zone :( lol


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  • not really. what else is your crush supposed to call you without obviously stating, that he likes you?


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  • Yes! It sucks when that happens... It feels like I just got rejected.

  • If a guy calls you bro, he doesn't have feelings for you.
    I used to call an ex male friend bro and he always was pisses off. Then he admitted he had feelings for me