Just got into a fight with my bf about my depression things don't feel the same. What to do?

I just got into a fight with my bf about my depression and suicidal thought. It almost broke us up. But now things are not the same. He won't show any affection unless I do. He told me he wants to work out but doesn't know how much more he can take it. I dont know what to do. We've talked but it just doesn't feel like he fully cares or loves me as much as he use to. Please help.


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  • I'm disabled because of major depression. There is still a lot of stygmas and stereotypes about mental illness. I'm not ashamed of mine at all and talk freely about it with anyone. Depression is potentially fatal. If he loves you he needs to get on line and start reading about it and being better informed. He lacks education. See your Dr and take your meds


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  • ask him if he still loves you. i know it's scary but it might work. Apoligize even if it wasn't ur fault. just act as nothing happened


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  • Are you getting help for your depression, professionally. We aren't supposed to be the one who helps with that.. we can support you but we can't actually HELP you with that

    • I am seeing a therapist weekly. It just seems to be getting worse. I take medication daily. He told me he could handle it before but now that its been getting worse he doesn't know.

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