Texting problem. Is it normal for someone who is into you to not return a text?

I have been texting this girl every night trying to woot her but sometimes she seems to completely forget about me and doesn't return my text messages that night. Normally she returns it the next day.

I kind of think is rude. Even if I am not into that person I would at least reply "I am tired so i am going to bed". And if I really like that person I would never ignore someone.


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  • I mean but she texts the next day, it isn't so horrible if she texts the next day. Some people don't text the very same day or hour. Some people aren't really texters in general. Just try to get a general pattern together, like oh it's after 9pm and she hasn't texted back the passed 5 times I messaged her at or after 9pm so therefor I really shouldn't expect an answer. Then she's just getting to know you feel you out if you're a jerk or not as well as other things. So just chillax you'll pick up on each other's patterns soon enough.


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  • Try picking up the phone and calling her. Texting if too impersonal in my opinion to 'woo' or court a relationship.

  • Personally I usually do that to someone I don't want to talk to. I think the best thing to do is confront her About it.


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