Hey guys... can you tell me if my first date with this guys sounds successful?

We went see a movie and everything was great. He's a funny guy and we had a good time. There wasn't any flirting or anything like that, which was fine with me because we are just getting to know each other, and we don't know each others boundaries when it comes to that flirty side.

Whenever he brought me back home, he told me he had fun with me but there was no hug and no kiss. But, he did make plans to come run with me tomorrow morning at 5:00 on his day off (he works shift work).

I'm assuming that means that he's interested right? It's been awhile since I've been in the dating world. Lol I've been single going on 5 years now so I don't really know how to pick up on signals anymore. Lol


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  • It sounds sucessful :)


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  • he's taking it slow and wants to do fun things with you? if he knows it was a date then yea, he just wants to savor it

    • I'm assuming it was a date. He wanted to know all of the "stupid important" things like my favorite movie, song, food, etc. Lol and we talked about a lot of things! Then we went see the movie, and then we continued to talk after that about what's important to us, blah blah. Lol

    • sounds like you need a round two

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  • Yes very successful. He sounds interested since he wanna do more plans with you.