She not happy with herself?

ok I've been talking and going out with this girl for 3 month.. We talk yesterday and she told me she was not happy with herself and that it was not me.. and that i make her really happy.. she said maybe she needs time and space.. so i told her Ill give her space and let her do her.. but she dosnt want me to do that because she said she already likes me too much and she dosnt know what to do because of that.. i feel like she's pushing me away but still wants me to do the same thing I've been doing.. we hangout just about everyday.. I dont know what i should do? help... one thing to is that she's broke up with her ex 3 months ago but she said that it has nothing to do with her ex...


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  • Follow her lead for a few weeks and see if things start looking up. If not, she's toying around with you. Would you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!


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  • All u can do is continue on with the relationship, and tolerate her the best you can.