Guys: What do you think when you get a late night drunk text?

haven't talked to this guy in about 4 months. He really hurt me - i dont think he knows it though. Long story short, we really wanted to date and then he just dissapeared and stopped talking to me with no reason. Last night, I texted "miss you".


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  • I think these are the kind of texts that confuse me. I wouldn't take it as i want sex. but i would probably think if i received that text that you were just lonely at that moment and wanted someone to talk to. which is mostly the case in my experience.

    • I say that because then when i try to talk to the girl about it they always play dumb and pretend it was noting


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  • Depends on how things went with you to. He could see it as you genuinely missing him, or in his mind, it could translate to "I want sex". I don't know the details, so can't say for sure.

  • If a girl texted that to me, Id text her back and see what she means. Maybe the next day shell regret it but ill understand if she does and i won't think anything of it. If I still have feelings for her then Id buy her dinner and wed take things from there!


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