I would like Some advice please?

Alright so there's this girl that I'm kinda into. I hit her up last year and was completely rejected when I told her I had interest in her. After that, never texted her again. One year later, she will always come sit by me in school, and when we're about to leave, she would initiate the hugs. Last year when we would text, I got short answers. This year, it's completely different. We are kinda sweet to each other sometimes, compliments, etc.. I always get eye contact when she's standing with her friends and I'm standing with mine, And In the hallways, she always flirts with me. (hitting me, or verbally). But yesterday when I texted her, I didn't get a response. But at school she acted the same. Does this girl like me?


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  • If girllikes you she would respond to your texts I would hold off and let her come to you. If she does come to you don't being a rush to get to her. Just simply take it as a friendly gesture. If she asks don't lie to her. Be honest and try not to read to much into things. As long as your honest with her things will work out for the best. Just remember to take your time and get to know her

  • For sure!! Coming from a girl I know how we act when we like a guy. She probably just heard something about something 😒 and now she's mad


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