Can girls tell if it's a guy's first kiss or first time having sex?

As you know I am pretty old already and it would be a shame if a girl finds out I never kissed. I don't ever plan to tell her at all.


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  • If u dont feel comfortable telling her u dont have to. There's no law saying u have to. Maybe things would get to the point where u just nonchantly tell her, "Hey did u know that u were my first kiss?" But for now.. u dont feel comfortable telling her? thats cool. I also think that she MIGHT not be able to tell about the kissing part. Im only saying this because my first time giving head, when I told him that that was my first time he looked at me like I had five heads. Thats because I did my research lol Im sure I wasn't a certified pro but he didn't think it was my first time because he said I knew what I was doing & he enjoyed it. so who knows maybe u can do ur research & she won't know its ur first time. thats a maybe.
    dont feel bad about the kissing or the sex though because u only get better with practice.


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  • Maybe, if she can see that you do not know what you are doing. But don't be hard on yourself, some women actually respect a man who respects himself enough to wait until having sex. Definitely don't lie about it if she asks. I feel, if you trust her and feel comfortable enough with her then you should tell her. Because if you don't tell her and end up having sex it may be be awkward for you both. Good Luck!

  • Yes we can , but if she has a heart I doubt she would mention anything to you.


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  • "As you know I am pretty old already"

    Nigga, you're 23. You have 50+ years left on this planet. Quit trippin... yo.