Anyone wanna help me with my little kissing problem?

Ok so I've never been the social butterfly. But a little over a year ago (ok a lot over a year ago) I got a boyfriend. Now our parents approved of each other and etc . etc . but we've never really gotten physical. In fact the closest we've ever touched is when we danced to a slow song at school. But at the last dance I heard him and my cousin talking kinda privately. When I got home I asked my cuz about it and he said that he was thinking about kissing me. On the lips. That's when I started freaking out. He has kissed me ON THE CHEEK once for our six month anniversary but never on the LIPS. Luckily he didn't kiss me because if he did it probably would be awful, but the Valentine's Day dance is coming up and I'd like to be prepared just in case. So now's the time to tell you, I have no freaking idea how to kiss. Like at all. I looked up those pethetic how to kiss videos and nothing helps. So I'm sorry if this sounds pervy and gross but do you have to use your tounge when kissing? (I'm sorry please just clear this all up for me) oh and also I do think we should start kissing considering how long we've been dating. I mean we have to do it eventually, but can someone please just clear this up for me?


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  • I had the same problem when I was your age haha I watched all the videos and downloaded the apps on my ipod :p When the time came it was just really natural. I didn't think much. Just go for a peck your first time. Tongue isn't needed don't worry. Don't rush anything. Make sure your breath smells okay and don't wear sticky stuff on your lips. I nice flavoured lip chap would be good.


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  • I am not going to go in to all of the "you're still so young and blah blah"- thing. When you kiss, it will come naturally. Start with a simple kiss on the lips, no tongue, and see if you're both comfortable with that. If you are, then you can go further. Don't just attack him with your tongue, work your way from kissing to french kissing, like a slow and romantic dance, haha.

    • Thank you! Hope this works!

  • You don't need tongue especially not the first time
    He will probably initiate the kiss
    The kiss should come to you naturally if you just don't think about it (like breathing or blinking)
    Make sure your breath is good and your lips aren't chapped
    Don't load up on lipstick or gloss, just lip stain or Chapstick or else it's gonna get on him

  • Kisses is oddly natural. I prefer without tounge and will avoid it if I can. My boyfriend knows this and doesn't