I like a girl who has a new boyfriend, what should I do?

I really like this girl in my class. I barely knew her first semester but we talked a bit and she even gave me her number, but I never asked her out, even though I thought about doing so many times. Over the past few weeks though we've been talking and I've gotten to know her quite well. The first day back in class she purposely sat next to me (even though she has friends in that class) and has been subtly flirty with me. The only problem is she started dating some other guy about 3 weeks ago. He's in the grade below both of us and seems pretty immature. She has never mentioned him or the fact that she has a boyfriend to me. Should I wait until their relationship ends, or just pursue her anyway? I'm pretty sure she likes me, but I don't know anything about her relationship other than the fact that she's dating him.


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  • Move on to a woman who's single.


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  • Easy... you one up the other guy in every way. Ask her out.