Do/have you ever go out with someone you don't particularly like? Why?

I was just thinking about my ex, and I noticed that her face, in my memories, was always slack, emotionless. I don't remember her ever smiling. She just sort of went with things without voicing her own opinion. Which is odd, because she came back later and said, "you were the last time I remember being happy." Which is also odd because how could I not have noticed back then? Well, I'm more observational now, anyway.

Memory is rarely very reliable, I guess.

I had a dream about her, among others, so that's what got me thinking. :/

Anyways. Has anyone ever gone out with someone just to be going out with someone, even if they didn't particularly like that person?


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  • Nope.. never. I only get serious with guys I truly 100% like and see a future with otherwise I'm not only wasting my own time but also the other person's time.


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  • Honestly, yes. I had been single for a while and couldn't understand why the guys I would go on dates with could never keep my interest... the initial spark would come but then fade quickly. I was told by some girlfriends that my expectations were too high, so the next guy that I felt a spark for-- I tried to rekindle it instead of giving up.

    It was a horrible choice.

  • Yep. My family was convinced I would "absolutely love" this guy so we dated for like a month, but he turned out to be boring and clingy unfortunately.

    • I've never understood the distaste for clingy people. I mean, sure, some space once and awhile; but, if you love someone, don't you want to always be around them? Or, is it just that you didn't have those feelings, because he was boring? If he wasn't boring, then would you have cared less about the clingyness?

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    • Ahhhh. Yeah, that's a bit quick. Just a bit. :O Okay, I get it. Thanks for clearing that up for me. ^-^ Sounds like he was a bit virginy.

    • I honestly have the worst luck with that sort of situation. Maybe it's a good question XD He had been with other girls before me but I don't know what his thing was.

  • All the time. We call him Bait. He is a frenenemy of everyone in the group although he particularly hates me. However I can't control the guest list of the group when I haven't made the plans. If a group event with that guy is agnozing I wouldn't volunteer to that to myself for any romantic endeavors.

  • if it is a group thingy and like birthday celebration, I would let the host decide on the guests so yes in the past there were times i need to go out with people i didn't like.

  • yess i did. he was rebound and i was stupid. i'm not gonna use a guy to get over my ex ever again because i know i'd be pissed if some guy did it to me. but then again the guy i dated didn't seem to mind so I don't know...


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  • Yes, I did a few times.
    I felt like the person in question, for each time, deserved.
    And actually, in one of those times it turned out o be a great relationship that lasted for about a couple years.
    I ended up developing strong feelings for her, and we both never regret it.
    But I got say, from the other experiences, that it usually only makes both of you miserable.
    Nowadays I don't do that at all.