Can a woman start asking a man out after awhile?

Would I be too forward by asking him out again? Or should I just sit this weekend out? Because it doesn't look like he's going to ask me.

I've been dating a man for a month now and things have been going very well. He asked me out on our first 3 dates and I asked him over to my place for out 4th. Neither one of us has asked each other out for this weekend.

Are we at the point in the courtship that we can both ask each other out without looking too needy?


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  • No, I don't see where it would 'Be too forward' to put your Own Best foot 'Forward' In-----Asking a man out after awhile. No one says you have to stand on ceremonies with Whose turn it is to make a move, especially when the Groove has Been 'Going very well.'
    He may not know what his plans are this Weekend so this is the reason this season why He hasn't pushed any buttons on his end to do so. The day is still young and being you apparently have a free calender for the next few days, give him a heads up and ask him what his own plans might Be and tell Him------I'm free.
    Good luck and much blessings for the new year, dear. xx


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  • A woman can ask a man out whenever she likes.


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  • I always do. If yes so go on. If not then move on. And no regret because I released how I feel. No question about "What if I tell him". I know exactly if he want to know me or not.

  • What's wrong with women being forward?

    A mans first experience with a womn is her pushing him out into the world through her vagina... Can't get more forward than that.

    • You can ask a guy out anytime you want. Totally legal:)