Should I tell him I like him or not?

So I've liked this guy for about a year now, and I'm fairly certain he has a crush on me too since he's stared at me a lot over the past year. We didn't really talk much until last semester, but we still don't know each other that well. But we're friendly, we'll say hi how are you and do awkward side hugs etc. and we have lots of mutual friends so we see each other a lot. I think we're just both shy about having one on one conversations plus it's hard cause we're usually both surrounded by our friends. Anyways I'm really bad at flirting/showing I like him in any way. I kind of just want to come out and tell him I like him if I get the chance. Would this be weird since we're not super good friends yet (I don't even have his #, we only hang out in group settings)? Is it too soon?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Tell him you like him, he's not going to know otherwise and from a guy point of view i'd want the girl to tell me.


What Girls Said 1

  • Either tell him you like him or stalk him on every social media site.